Henry Poole is Here Original Soundtrack

“Henry Poole is Here” Original Soundtrack – Released August, 2008

Track List:
1. “Henry Poole is Here” by Ron Irizarry
2. “Love of the Loveless” by Eels
3. “Believe” by The Bravery
4. “Promises” by Badly Drawn Boy
5. “Only You” by Joshua
6. “All Roads Lead Home” by Golden State
7. “IO (This Time Around)” by Helen Stellar
8. “Silhouette” by Alt-Ctrl-Sleep
9. “I’m Not Who I Was” by Brandon Heath
10. “Morning Yearning” by John Linton
11. “Lucky Man” by Jack the Bear
12. “Devil’s Arcade” by Michael Dickes
13. “Why Can’t You” by Zach Broocke
14. “Hold On” by Alon

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